Limestone truck driver killed in PA massive pile-up remembered


LIMESTONE, TN (WJHL) – A Tri-Cities family mourns the death of a beloved father and husband who was killed in a massive pile-up crash in Pennsylvania Saturday.

Police said a snow squall slammed Interstate 78 in Bethel Township, Pennsylvania and when the storm passed, more than 60 vehicles were involved in the crash.

Among those in the crash was a tractor trailer driven by 67-year-old Alfred “Dean” Kinnick of Limestone, Tenn.

Truck drivers are constantly on the road, and Dean Kinnick wasn’t any different, traveling to almost every state during his career.

He traveled in all kinds of weather, which is why his family said it is still hard to believe last week was his final journey.

Three generations of Kinnick’s sat on the front porch Monday evening as they went through dozens of family photos.

They were remembering every moment they have spent together, realizing it will never be the same.

“I’d see him leave and I would see him come home, I never thought any different, I didn’t think this would be the way he would go,” Shayla Harmon said.

As the news unfolded of a massive pile-up on a Pennsylvania highway on Saturday, Carolyn Kinnick sat at home worried sick.

She knew her husband of more than 48 years, Dean Kinnick, was driving his tractor-trailer home to Tennessee from New York.

“First of all, I was hoping and praying he wasn’t one of the fatalities. I knew there were three fatalities and when we couldn’t reach him nowhere, none of the hospitals had him, the worst come to my mind, I knew it was bad. The coroner called and they confirmed that it was him. He just liked working for his family, making sure they were provided for,” Carolyn Kinnick said.

For Dean’s family, they say the hardest part was knowing his hard work as a career truck driver was about to come to an end.

After decades of providing for this family, Dean was just months away from retirement and relaxation.

“We were going to take a vacation the first week of March, and we were going to take our great, ” Carolyn Kinnick said.

As the family continues to grieve, they know if they can stick together, they can make it through anything.

“He was a man of his family, a man of God and that, he would want us to keep on truckin,” Harmon said.

Family members told us Kinnick’s body is still undergoing an autopsy.

Once that is finished, he will be brought back to Tennessee so he can be laid to rest.

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