LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — A woman out of Lebanon took to social media to warn others after she believes someone was tracking her through an AirTag.

“It says AirTag found moving with you,” Kayla Bennett said.

Bennett received that notification on her iPhone on Sunday evening.

“I was pulling into the neighborhood at 10:30 at night but it says it had been tracking me since 1:55 p.m.,” Bennett said.

An AirTag is an Apple product that helps people keep track of their personal items like keys or a wallet. However, Kayla believes someone placed one on her car which can then allow them to see her every move.

“It’s like a Bluetooth, so if it’s in your car it notifies other phones, so it notified me,” Bennett said.

Kayla said she called the Wilson County Sheriff’s office immediately to make a report.

The Wilson County’s Sheriff’s Office said it hasn’t received widespread reports but officials also said the fact that you can place an AirTag just about anywhere is a concern.

“Of course, if anyone gets that warning and thinks they are being tracked by something we want them to give us a call and we will help them look through their vehicle or where ever it may be to find out what it is,” Tyler Chandler, Mt Juliet Police Captain said.

Captain Chandler said police can then take the AirTag and track down where it came from.

However, as for Kayla, she said she brought her car into a shop for a good search and had no luck.

“I’ve had so many people look all over my car and it’s nowhere to be found,” Bennett said.

She said she feels uneasy and will continue to warn the public as she took to Facebook.

‘It’s so scary it concerns me for everyone, men and women it can happen to anyone,” Bennett said.