If you’ve ever worked in the food industry, you know tips really vary depending on the customer.

Recently a local waitress says she received a tip she will never forget.

Lauren Ball works at the Waffle House in Kingsport and says she is a single mother that works a graveyard shift.

A couple of weeks ago around 4am she was almost at the end of her shift when a customer walked in.

“I was ready to go home, I didn’t even want to wait on him but I was the only waitress working,” said Ball.

The 21-year-old had no idea this customer was about to change her life.

“The cook ran out the door outside and said is this right, is this real, are you being serious,” said Ball.

Employees working that shift were in shock over a $600 tip on the receipt. Ball says the man who left the tip only had a meal that cost $24 and some change.

“I couldn’t believe it, I kind of wanted to give it back to him because it was such a large amount,” said Ball.

Ball says when she first met the customer it all really started with a conversation.

“I told him that we were getting ready to go to the beach the next day, and I just spent all my money on Colton’s birthday party, and he was like well I will help you out,” said Ball.

Ball had no idea it would end with her in tears, and a 600 dollar tip in her hand.

“I cried and told him he was an angel, and he would never know how much that meant to me,” said Ball.

Ball’s next question was why? Why would someone do something like this for a perfect stranger?

“And he said I just like to do things for nice people,” said Ball.

If one things for certain, it is a gesture of kindness she wont soon forget.

Ball tells us Thursday night will be her first night back on the job since getting that $600 tip a few weeks ago.

She tells us a gesture like this is something she hopes she can pay forward one day.Copyright 2015 WJHL. All rights reserved.