Jameis Winston may sue CNN for defamation


TAMPA, FL (WFLA)  – An attorney for Buccaneers star quarterback Jameis Winston is threatening to sue CNN after his client was featured in a documentary highlighting rape on college campuses.  The documentary titled “the Hunting Ground”  aired on Sunday night.

For the first time, Winston’s accuser, Erica Kinsman, spoke out about the attack.  “This guy was sexually assaulting me.  He was raping me.  He was on top of me and I couldn’t really breath that much.  But I was saying stop, please stop.  I remember his roommate or whoever this other guy was came in and he was saying, like dude stop.  What are you doing. ”

Winston has denied the allegations saying any sexual activity between the two was consensual.  Both Kingsman and Winston have filed lawsuits against eachother.

Bryant Camareno, a Tampa attorney not affiliated with either party, does not believe, if CNN simply states the facts, a defamation case would fly.  “I would imagine CNN is simply reporting the facts, just like any other news agency reported the facts when they came out.”  Said Camareno.  “So as long as they stay away from calling him a rapist , then I think CNN would be okay. ”

Camareno adds, for Winston a civil case could do more harm than good.  “If Jameis Winston decides to sue CNN, seeing that they would defend themselves, CNN would defend themselves by calling the alleged victim as a witness.”  Said Camareno.  “So the problem is that would open everything up all over again so if they went to trial, a civil trial, a civil jury would have to determine if CNN was liable for defamation when they have this young girl as a witness.”Copyright 2015 WFLA. All rights reserved.

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