Rural areas of Holston Valley waiting on internet provider to offer service


GOSHEN VALLEY, Tenn. (WJHL) – It’s about as important as anything, nowadays: internet.

“Yeah we’re looking for the opportunity to be brought into this century,” Goshen Valley resident Chris Marshall said.

HolstonConnect began in 2018 to provide advanced internet as an utility option to every area of Holston Valley. But installing that can take a while and they are currently halfway done with construction.

“There’s just so many things that we use internet broadband for and we’re trying to get out there as fast as we can,” HolstonConnect General Manager Jimmy Sandlin said.

This leaves the 2nd half wondering when it will come their way.

“Bring the service to us you will have customers immediately it’s not even open for debate, we need the service,” Marshall said.

It’s frustrating to these communities like Goshen Valley, but especially tough for the kids, who need the advanced internet to do their school work

“Every time you get on it, it either stops or reload the page because it won’t stay on.”

COVID-19 has forced all schools to close, so Bobby Couch’s grandchildren he looks after are doing the best they can.

“We do paper or we get on Google Classroom.”

But you know kids, they stay positive and they know it’s coming eventually.

“They really need to get it in here, they need to send it over the world.”

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