HMG Health Matters: Ways to save on your medical bill

HMG Health Matters

Navigating through the maze of health care is tough.  We often don’t think there are any options.  We go to the doctor and pay the sometimes very high bill.  Our partner Holston Medical Group has some tips to help you be a smart health care consumer.

Holston Medical Group President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Scott Fowler says, “Obviously, our community is in some transitional phase of health care, so health care is changing everywhere, and we’re seeing it here.”

Dr. Fowler says the shift has allowed the group to “re-balance”, and focus on the patient.  Part of that shift includes making it easier for patients to receive the best treatment for their dollar.

For instance, the portal “MyHMG” allows HMG patient records to be shared across the group.  From primary care, to urgent care, and specialty practices, shared records ensure better management of care for each patient.

Dr. Fowler also advises paying attention, even price checking when possible can save money. Price shopping for a pharmacy, and using urgent care clinics instead of an ER visit 

“The ER is not for the things we tend to use it for because it is open and it’s available,” he says.  “But, it’s not priced like that.  It’s priced for trauma and heart attacks and things, so right service for a small segment of people, most of the rest of us need to have relationships with urgent care.”

HMG also offers patients an Extensivist Clinic, where patients with chronic conditions receive specialized, urgent care outside of the hospital.

Dr. Fowler adds the changes and “re-balance” benefits patients, and doctors are also feeling the effects.

“That’s the oath honestly that doctors take anyway,” he says.  “Its just now we’re getting a chance maybe even to sustain our practices while we do that. That’s what this new re-balancing is about.”

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