HMG Health Matters: Orthopedic walk-in clinics provide specialized care and convenience

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(WJHL)- These days, many are trying to avoid doctor offices unless it’s necessary.  Unfortunately, there are certain times we have to.  Fractures, sprains, and strains happen, but there are options that may be less likely to expose you to the virus.

One of those places is an orthopedic walk-in clinic.

Through rough-and-tumble summer activities, projects, and sports, you or a family member may eventually need the services of an orthopedic walk-in clinic.  It works like an urgent care, but specializes in musculoskeletal injuries.

Holston Medical Group Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jason Park says many of these injuries do not not require a trip to the ER. In fact, Park says short of a serious deformity, The ortho walk-in is the way to go.

We do have an on-sight diagnostic x-ray machine,” he says. “We have an orthopedic technician who can take care of casting and splinting, so there are many advantages we offer, and those injuries can be easily treated at a simple orthopedic walk-in clinic.”

Dr. Park says, for most injuries, waiting to go to an ortho walk-in clinic will not worsen the injury.

“Outside of fractures that pop through the skin that need to be seen in the emergency room,” he says.  “Most things can be treated with a simple acronym: RICE. Rest, Icing, Compression, Elevation. And those things can help manage it overnight until the orthopedic walk-in opens the next morning.”

Peace of mind for those needing care, but want to avoid others who are visiting a medical professional for an illness.

“When someone gets injured, it’s nice to be able to take them out and know it won’t be a very long wait,” he says.  “And they can been seen and taken care of and someone who is specialized in it.”

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