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JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL)- We are close to the end of January, and hopefully you are sticking with those New Year resolutions. Most publications say those resolutions are broken as early as January twelfth, or into the second week of February.

A common promise on New Year’s Day is to get in shape, and for those who haven’t exercised, or haven’t exercised in a while, injuries are a real possibility.

We talked with an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician to find out how to stay healthy and keep your resolutions year-round.

Gyms and fitness clubs are usually filled in January with people who have great intentions of getting fit in the new year. But numbers tend to slide off quickly along with the resolutions.

Holston Medical Group orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician Dr. Lindsay Remy says part of the reason is due to injuries.

“Most common injuries this time of year are the overuse type of things like shin splints, tendonitis, those wear-and-tear type injuries that people who don’t have the foundation of fitness to handle this new activity level,” Dr. Remy says.

Dr. Remy says most of the injuries come from people trying to do too much, too fast.

“If you don’t have the strength in your core muscles and you start doing racquetball with your best friend,” she says, “now all of a sudden you’re more prone to a more traumatic injury.”

And, there are things can do to minimize the risk of staying active and avoiding getting hurt, and it may start with a trip to the doctor to make sure you’re cleared for takeoff.

“Start slowly,” she advises. “Build gradually. Don’t forget the basics. By that I mean keep your strong. Warm up. Stay flexible. Those basic exercises that maybe aren’t as glamorous. Those need to be done too.”

Remy says staying pain and injury-free will help take your resolutions into the next year.

“Our exercise routines are only going to be sustainable if they are fun, and feel good,” she says.

A great rule to follow, and it may be difficult to accept especially if you used to workout is don’t be afraid to be a beginner. It’s okay to not know everything right away. Learning is part of the journey to be a better version of yourself.

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