(WJHL)- When the quarantine hit last spring, Holston Medical Group family physicians Dr. Mary McCormick and Dr. Andrew McCormick knew they needed to find something to keep their family active.

“We chose biking because we could get outdoors and spend time as a family,” says Dr. Mary McCormick. “It’s something that the kids could do with us, it was something that allowed us to have that time together, time off the screens, and get some exercise in.”

The family started off slowly, with their two sons, Graham and Colin. Seven-year-old Graham has graduated to his own bike and loves the trails. Three-year-old Colin is doing well, and during family rides has a special seat on his dad’s bike.

Graham has some advice on the trails at Tannery Knobs. He says, “Start on the green trail, and try the blue trail, but I never do it because it’s crazy.”

The McCormicks say that being active as a family now is valuable, giving their children life-long memories and healthy habits.

“It’s important to be a good example and to lay the groundwork early,” Dr. Andrew McCormick says, “because it’s a whole lot easier to keep up with something than to re-do or recreate everything.”

The entire family is seeing a positive change, both physically and developmentally.

Dr. Mary has noticed an “increase in confidence, definitely an increase in physical activity, for both of us I think we both got into better shape. Andrew’s had some weight loss with it, so it’s been really good for us.”

As physicians, they both agree that physical activity is a good prescription for everyone.

“It’s also a great stress relief to get away,” Dr. Andrew says. “When you look at treatments for anxiety and everything that’s going on in the world, physical activity is equal to any medicine that we have at our disposal. So, it’s just a matter of scheduling it in and creating that opportunity.”