High school football player says he was left alone after injury during practice


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – Another Siegel High School football player is injured and claims he was left alone after practice in excruciating pain.

The 15-year-old freshman was hurt after being tackled during a play in practice on Monday.

He claims an athletic trainer thought he suffered a muscle sprain or cramps, but his injuries were so severe he was rushed into surgery hours later.

The player and his family talked with News 2 and they want to know why the trainer didn’t call an ambulance and why was the player left alone until a relative could pick him up.

Siegel High freshmen Kevin Ross Jr. said he has never felt the type of pain he felt Monday in his life.

“It hurt real bad; it was terrible,” he said. “For a second, I just wanted somebody to cut my leg off it was just that bad.”

Ross is a defensive end and running back but filled in as receiver. He said he was injured on a play at practice.

He showed News 2 the play on Hudl and you see in on video making a catch a pass and then is tackled.

“I got hit out of bounds, late,” Ross, Jr. said, but he doesn’t blame the other player.

“It was an accident; he was just doing his job,” he added.

Ross said the athletic trainer checked him out and gave him a bag of ice and said it could be a muscle sprain.

After practice, the teen said he was still in excruciating pain.

“He told me if it was that bad, he told me I needed to go to the hospital when I got home, that’s it, or have an aspirin and stretch it out,” the player said. “He didn’t think it was that bad.”

Ross says he called his grandmother came to pick him up. She found him sitting on a stool with his head down, bent over in pain outside the field house.

She said she asked where his coaches and trainer were, and why did they leave him alone instead of call an ambulance.

“I told [him] they should never leave you. What’s wrong with these people?” Wanda Ross said.

The trainer told school officials Ross told him his ride was on the way and the trainer could leave for his next game.

The 15-year-old couldn’t walk and was carried to his grandmother’s car by another player’s parent.

And here’s why.

“My hip was out of socket, and I fractured some things in my hip,” Ross told News 2.

The grandmother drove her grandson to St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital where they attempted several times to pop his hip back into place but couldn’t.

He was then taken to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital where they attempted the same thing.

After x-rays, he was rushed into surgery.

“It’s very frustrating and angry because this right here could have been prevented,” his father Kevin Ross Sr. said. “It’s to a point where he’s facing the reality of what he’s dealing with.”

School spokesman James Evans said the trainer is a contract worker.

“The trainers are there to help prevent and assist with injuries but they are not full-blown doctors and don’t have the resources of a hospital to make diagnoses,” Evans said. “The trainer reports he gave the student an examination on the field and a more thorough examination in the field house and made MULTIPLE attempts to contact the family, but they did not respond. The trainer reports the student told him it was ok to leave because his ride was almost there and the trainer has a witness who heard it.”

“Of course had the trainer known the student had a more severe injury, [and] then he may [have] responded differently,” Evans continued. “It is not always possible to fully diagnose an injury from the field house and he did not believe it required emergency services based on the information he had at the time.

Coordinator of Athletic Training Outreach Brad Rohling, who supervises athletic trainers, said by email, “The incident is being carefully investigated to assure that all proper procedures were followed. We are always concerned about the treatment and health of our student athletes. We cannot comment further due to the student’s privacy concerns.”

School officials say if the family would like them to look further into the matter, then they need to submit a complaint to the district office so they can investigate their concerns.

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