OMAHA, NE (WCMH) — Three high school freshmen are facing charges after allegedly tricking their home economics teacher into eating semen.

According to the Omaha World Herald, the boys went to the bathroom last Thursday, masturbated into containers, then mixed the semen into some frosting. They put the frosting on top of some turnovers they were making in class at Westside High School.

The teacher, a woman, tasted one of the turnovers the boys had made and noticed a strange taste. A fellow student told the teacher he had heard the boys, aged 14 and 15, talking about the plot.

School administrators interviewed the boys. Two of them confessed and one said he didn’t have the nerve to do it, according to the World Herald. Police were called and seized each boy’s frosting container.

A law enforcement official said police hoped to arrest the boys on felony charges, but could not find any state law that would make their actions felonious. They face misdemeanor disturbing the peace charges.

One student has started a petition calling for the boys’ expulsion.