“We new astronauts needed a renewable food source” said Lilly Bulawa. “[This is] a hydroponic garden.”   

It’s called the Garden of Eton and it stands for Extra Terrestrial Organic Nutrition.

Eighth grader Adia, 11th grader Lilly along with college-bound older sister, MaryAnn Bulawa, have spent two years creating the Garden of Eton. The self-proclaimed “Chicks In Space”  hope to send their creation to the International Space Station.

“It’s just three minds working together on a single project.” said Lilly.

First the Garden of Eton has to get to space.

“We had to make Nano Eton. It as to be a four by four replica. This is what would go to space.” said Adia. 

The Chicks in Space are working with a group called Nanoracks out of Houston, Texas.

“We are working with a woman named Patricia Mayes at Nanoracks. She is helping us get Nano Eton to the International Space Station.”

“We checked last fall and the Nano Eton was about 90% ready for launch.  We’ve checked back and they made the changes, so now I believe it is ready to to.” said Patricia Mayes from Nanoracks.    

That cost money and the Chicks in Space have that covered as well with a crowd funding page

“Our goal is to raise $15,000. We are a third of the way there,” said the two sisters.  “Then we can send Nano Eton onto the ISS and see if plants actually grow:”

To get more information or make a donation log onto their fund raising website.  It’s https://experiment.com/projects/sending-the-garden-of-eton-to-space

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