Greene Co. group calls for emergency notification system following US Nitrogen leak


GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – A group of people in Greene County is voicing concerns following a nitric acid vapor release last week.

The leak happened last Wednesday at US Nitrogen on Pottertown Road.

Members of ‘Indivisible Greene County’ reached out to News Channel 11 following the leak.

Susan Craig said she wants to know why more people weren’t notified when it occurred and said she wants to see an emergency system in place soon.

“My daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren and stepson all live and work within a four-mile radius of US Nitrogen,” she said.

She said none of her family members were notified after the leak.

“We’re talking about people’s health. My grandchildren are my world and it just really concerned me,” she said.

Peter Higgins is the Vice President of the group. He said he wants to see a change.

“We’re concerned that nobody was notified, we’re concerned that it’s polluting,” Higgins said.

US Nitrogen determined the leak was caused by a faulty gasket and two people were sent to the hospital for evaluation.

Midway Fire Chief Anthony Ball said emergency crews went door to door to notify people who did not have a listed telephone number for 9-1-1 to reach them.

“We just notified the ones we felt would be in the most immediate hot path so to speak,” he said.

Chief Ball said all of the agencies that were involved the day of the vapor release were at meeting earlier this week, along with people who worked at surrounding businesses.

“It was a hot wash, what was called a hot wash that follows right after an incident happens to discuss the way things was handled and why they was handled the way they was and to see if we can improve or anything on that,” he explained.

He said leaders are now working to get an emergency system in place.

“We need something for just this immediate area. There’s hundreds of people that are employed by the different companies on Pottertown Road and to get the word out to each one of those individuals in a timely manner if something happens in this area, you know that’s our primary focus,” he said.

Greene County Mayor David Crum and 9-1-1 Director Jerry Bird said they are looking at getting a county-wide emergency notification system to alert people of any type of emergency.Copyright 2017 WJHL. All rights reserved.

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