GoFundMe nationally recognizes an 11-year-old from Arkansas


The GoFundMe organization has named 11-year-old Ruby Kate Chitsey its “GoFundMe kid hero of the month” because of her efforts to help nursing home residents. 

The government funds over half of the nursing home patients in the U.S. and these patients are allotted $40 cash a month for “extras.”

Anything not covered under room and board is “extra,” including a haircut and taking care of your dog,  according to the GoFundMe page. 

Ruby Kate’s project started when she started visiting nursing homes with her mother Amanda Chitsey, a geriatric nurse practitioner. 

“We saw a patient who was really struggling trying to keep her dog and that broke my heart and it broke Ruby’s heart,” Amanda said. “She ultimately didn’t get to keep her dog and it was really sad — and Ruby started asking residents if “I could bring you any three things in the world, what would those be?” 

Wishers ranged from things like getting a cell phone, shoes, or eating McDonald’s French Fries. 

On the GoFundMe page, Rudy Kate said, “I have a notebook filled with their wishes. I hope you will help me make them come true.”

So far, Ruby Kate has raised over $26,000, out of her $40,000 goal. 

To read more of Ruby Kate’s story on raising money to help thousands of nursing home patients and/or to help, go to www.gofundme.com.

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