ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL) – Elizabethton Mayor Curt Alexander said he’s uncertain the Twins Minor League Baseball team will return to the mound as the town’s home team.

Talks about the city’s plan to spend money to upgrade the baseball stadium have stalled as the Twin’s major league team decides if the local team will remain in Elizabethton.

If council approves it, Mayor Alexander said funds may be spent on the facility regardless because the Elizabethton High School baseball team plays there.

Alexander said he is still waiting on word from the Minnesota Twins, but he has his doubts.

“I’m sure they’re looking at other locations so what we’re probably really close to focusing on if we want minor-league baseball in Elizabethton it’ll probably be somebody other than the twins”, Alexander said.

Mayor Alexander said if they do not receive word from the twins by the time the Elizabethton city council has to approve a budget, the stadium renovation funding may be used for other projects.Copyright 2017 WJHL. All rights reserved.