JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Chief engineer for the city of Johnson City, Wallace McCulloch, said the construction in Founders Park will not be finished until late July, early August, affecting festivals held in the park.

Johnson City is running stormwater drainage pipes that connect from the Tree Streets to the creek in Founders Park. The hope is this will help with flooding in the Tree Streets.

Construction in the park was originally anticipated to be finished by June.

McCulloch said they are making progress on the project. Structures need to be put in place in a portion of State of Franklin Road and a temporary water retention pit.

“So both of those areas have to get the man holes in place and the pipes tied to them, then we can back fill,” said McCulloch.

After this, irrigation needs to be fixed and soil will be placed over the work area. 

McCulloch said the project will affect summer festivals like the Blue Plum festival that are held in the area. He said this work needs a more time to settle and big crowds standing on the land could damage the work.

“That’s going to take a little while for that to get established because if you get a crowd on that side, it can kill it,” said McCulloch.

Organizers of the Blue Plum Festival said they will have a meeting next week to discuss their plans concerning their festival.

As work on this project continues, there will be lane restrictions on State of Franklin Road while workers install connection pipes from the Tree Streets to the new ones in Founders Park.

McCulloch said lane restrictions will continue for about a month and a half.