Fort Stewart soldier detained after video of parking lot altercation shared on Facebook


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A Fort Stewart soldier is in military police custody after an explosive outburst that took place in a local mall parking lot.

In the video, the man can be seen yelling profanity and even twisting the arm of the woman he was with.

The man, who military police say is a member of the 3rd Infantry Division (ID), was dressed in full uniform. At one point in the video, he even uses profanity to criticize the country.

Officials at the 3rd ID said the incident, which has been viewed over 300,000 times on social media, is under investigation.

De’Minka Spaulding was one of the women involved in the incident. She said the argument started because she and a friend were waiting for a parking spot.

Spaulding said the man then accused them of blocking his car in.

“He kept throwing up the race card and being disrespectful and ‘b— that and b— this,’” she said. “So, we start arguing back and forth I didn’t know what else to do because he started taking his anger out on his wife.”

The video was taken by Spaulding’s friend in a nearby car. As the argument escalates you can see the man starts yelling and rips off his military jacket off. That’s when Spaulding starts recording from her phone

You can see the woman with him attempts to calm him down; he then grabs and twists her arm.

“My heart just went out to her, I was hurt before, so I don’t know. I just felt like I had to do something,” said Spaulding. “If all I could do was pull out my phone that’s what I was going to do.”

It is unclear what the relation was between the man woman and children, but they did leave together.

“He was like, you know ‘f— this uniform f— this country’ and I am just like, I can’t believe he said that,” said Spaulding. “This is the person that is supposed to representing this country, who is supposed to protect me.”

The 3rd ID was made aware of the situation and they immediately took action. WSAV reached out to Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield and received this statement:

“3rd Infantry Division leadership is aware of an incident involving one of our soldiers captured on video yesterday. The soldier has been positively identified and has been detained. We are working with the appropriate civilian and military authorities to address this situation. This soldier’s behavior and actions are not condoned by the 3rd Infantry Division and are not in keeping with the values instilled in our Dogface soldiers or our Army.”

Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield

We do not know if the man is facing charges. It is also unclear if he has served overseas. WSAV is working to get that information.

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