GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Greene County has announced CJ Vickery as the first female fire chief for the Cedar Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

Not only is this a huge honor for the county, but it’s an even bigger honor for the new fire chief, who’s been with the department since she was 16.

“It’s about the will to do it,” said Vickery. “They knew if I was the one they wanted to nominate and put in the position, they knew I would not turn it down.”

CJ Vickery and her family have put years of hard work into the fire department since it’s establishment in 1974. Her grandfather is even a former chief.

“It means the world you know and to see my granddad over here and I know he’s probably almost in tears and trying to hold them back,” said Vickery.

He was in tears during the ceremony and is still overwhelmed with emotions.

The county is just as proud as Vickery’s family.

“We have a number of female leaders across Greene County, doing great things, and we know that CJ will do a great job as the fire chief for Cedar Creek,” said Mayor of Greene County, Kevin Morrison.

Vickery already has plans on what her first project will be.

“Get more people involved and maybe some younger people involved,” said Vickery. “We don’t have a whole lot of younger people that want to join the department and they might not even know how if they had that thought, but they might not even know if that’s a possibility anymore.”

Vickery hopes to meet with the school association soon to see how they can start that process.