ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — What was once a shoot house is now an educational facility that focuses on armed and unarmed defense training.

Castle Defense has made many upgrades and still wants to make more in their second phase by adding an open indoor range area.

All of these additions provide different ways to learn the techniques.

“So being able to draw from a holster, how to be able to aim and function their firearm under pressure is going to be super important in being able to protect themselves, their families and people around them,” said co-owner of Castle Defense, Matt Goldberg.

They’ve added mats and punching bags to learn more physical self-defense and a simulator to teach reactions in different scenarios which all continue to provide a safe environment to learn.

“Basically where I can take someone who’s never fired a gun in their life and safely train them on every aspect of firearm before they ever fire a live round,” said co-owner of Castle Defense, Mike Vaughn.

Two weeks ago, they held their first women’s defense course, saying it was filled within the first hour of them posting it.

Castle Defense feels like this course is a great beginning step to creating an environment for women to learn and share their personal experiences.

“I just feel that a lot of times women are the prey. Women are the target,” said Vaughn. “And to be able to bring women in here and teach them safely to defend themselves, to protect themselves, to protect their family.”

Castle Defense is not just a place for people who have never touched a firearm, but also for people who already own one.

“For a lot of people, they may practice on a day-to-day basis, but if they’re not practicing the proper skills and techniques, there’s a potential that they could become more of a danger to themselves or to people around them if they don’t have the right skills than if they didn’t carry a firearm at all,” said Goldberg.

Castle Defense also offers courses for children. Visit this link to learn more about the business and book your next course.