ETSU legend Calvin Talford continues on the road to recovery


Johnson City, TN — At one-time ETSU basketball legend Calvin Talford was able to leap buildings with a single bound but after suffering a major heart attack there are now other obstacles in his way.

“It was just a real, real exciting to see them at the level they were at this year.”

ETSU men’s basketball hit a roadblock because of the coronavirus, but Buccaneer legend Calvin Talford still has his own COVID-19 hurdle to clear. According to Talford “I go out a couple of days a week, but I wear a mask, I wear gloves and I just try to cover myself up as much as I can and stay away from people as much as I can too.”

The 2019 East Tennessee Hall of Famer suffered a heart attack shortly after playing a pickup basketball game in October.

“I just started feeling bad says Talford, I started sweating and my arms felt weak, I didn’t have any chest pains or anything like that. My heart was racing a little bit, I could feel that.”

And the rehab was taking its toll on the 1992 NCAA slam dunk champion.

Talford says “When it all happened, I didn’t really realize how serious this was you know. I would’ve loved to have it a lot quicker, but just you know being in a hospital for a whole month, it really kind of tore me down pretty good.”

But the best option right now for the former high riser is in uncharted territory.

“I’m taking it slow, but I’m also anxious to just run out and start playing ball and kind of doing the stuff that I used to do, but I’m not going to do that this time, I’m going to pretty much listen to the doctors and get better, says Talford.”

And it’s not going to take Talford long to conquer this roadblock. In Johnson City Jesse Krull, News Channel 11 sports”

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