ETSU Bucs picked 3rd in the pre-season Southern Conference football poll


Spartanburg, SC — Well last season the SoCon overlooked voting them second to last in the pre season poll, but this year they got plenty more respect but there is still a lot of work to do.

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What a year can do for a program…Last season ETSU was voted to finish second to last in the preseason poll. This season they were picked third after capturing the SoCon crown with an 8-4 record.

“Ranking third this year, compared to what we were last year is a tribute to what last year’s team did, that’s last year, we got to start all over again in a few days.”

“Really those preseason rankings don’t really matter, it just really matters what happens at the end of the season.”

“Preseason polls don’t mean anything, the ball hasn’t been snapped yet, nobody’s been hit yet, so it means something, but it doesn’t mean anything. we still have to go out and play, it doesn’t matter where we are now, it’s where we are at the end of the season.”

The preseason poll might hold little value, but it shows other coaches are taking notice of whats happening for the Bucs…

“Randy does a tremendous job of creating a culture, it’s kind of tough, it’s blue collard, it’s hard nose. to me that’s what it’s all about, it’s about guys believing what your doing.”

“Won a bunch of tough football games and coach sanders has done a phenomenal job there and I certainly only see them continuing to get better.”

Along with team respect the conference is recognizing the Bucs talent. Redshirt defensive lineman Nasir Player was honored the preseason defensive player of the year.

It goes to say the fact that ETSU is here now, like we’re a respected member of the conference now…not saying that we didn’t have players that could get those awards, but we weren’t winning a lot of games and didn’t get a lot of attention.”

The defensive line might be solidified but one big question mark for this team is whos going to be under center on August 31st.

“It’s nice to have some choices to make, I think the two freshman are talented. i think the two transfers are talented and obviously have a little more maturity and have both played college football and have participated in college football games.”

“They’re both good, they both bring different aspects to the game that are beneficially for both of us, for our offense, so i like both of them, it doesn’t matter which one plays.”

And which ever quartberack starts ETSU still has plenty of confidence

“Well I expect us to win every game we play and if you win every game you play usually you play for a pretty good while and I’m glad Nasir is talking about a national championship .

Reporting in Spartanburg, South Carolina Jesse Krull WJHL sports.”

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