The Minnesota Twins have until the end of February to sign off on a deal to keep a rookie team in Elizabethton beyond the upcoming season.

City Council voted unanimously Thursday night to set a February 28th deadline for the major league team to commit to an improvement plan for the Twins ballpark.   If that deadline isn’t met, Elizabethton leaders will withdraw their current offer, Mayor Curt Alexander said Thursday night.

City leaders have spent months trying to reach a deal with Twins management, and the city has committed to making $1.5 million dollars in upgrades.  Alexander said renovations were set to get underway last month, but the City hasn’t heard from Twins management in weeks.

Total cost of upgrades would require the Minnesota Twins to contribute $250,000 to $300,000.

Alexander said Twins management initially agreed to pay one-third of the cost to build a new facility.

The future of the Appalachian League team has been uncertain for months.   Twins management told the city it wanted improvements made to Joe O’Brien Field and the clubhouse which has been home to the Elizabethton Twins since 1974. 

Regardless of what happens, the Twins will play the 2018 season in Elizabethton.  City council approved a one year extension of the current management agreement for the team.