Educators learn how to spot potential school shooters


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Thursday afternoon, children all over Middle Tennessee were doing exactly what they should be– playing outside and enjoying their school day.

However, as news agencies cover what seems to be a growing number of active shooter incidents, retired special agent Pat Villafranca told News 2 it is time to equip educators with important knowledge to prevent tragedies.

The educators and administrators will learn how to let go of certain stereotypes and identify the students who truly have the potential to become active school shooters.

“There is no stereotypical school shooter. We are going to talk about how they run the gamut of age, they run the gamut in race, they run the gamut in whether they were getting good grades or bad grades. What they all had in common is that they had experienced a significant loss and all had very poor coping skills,” explained Villafranca.

Paul Galloway is the executive director of the American Advisory Muslim Council, and his group organized the event.

He has four children, three of whom attend school in Middle Tennessee. He told News 2 he wants all educators to have the lifesaving knowledge that Villafranca has learned.

“We have an expert who knows how to equip people with information and help them be a harder target, so we figured it’s a great community service to offer. To have a little bit more information to protect themselves,” said Galloway.

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