Diet advice to help you keep your New Year’s resolution


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is always losing weight. With millions of people trying to make 2016 their healthiest year yet, a local registered dietitian has some good advice for shedding pounds in the new year.

Knox County Health Department nutritionist Khrysta Baig said the first step to a successful and safe diet is to consult your doctor about making a realistic plan.

“You want to make it past January with your resolutions and so if you want to be in July you have to give yourself a little forgiveness,” said Baig. “Let yourself cheat a little bit every day with things you enjoy, but with reasonable portions so that you never really feel like over-consuming and eating 4,000 calories in a day.”

Baig said your 2016 diet can even include carbs.

“A lot of people think that carbs are the enemy and they’re not,” she said. “Carbs can be a really good option especially those whole grain carbs that have lots of fiber. They’re pretty filling.”

Water, she added, is also filling, and upping your intake can be one of the easiest ways to control your appetite. The one-size-fits-all plan has more produce, water, sleep and everything else in moderation.

“Really stick with adding those fruits and vegetables, water and sleep in and stick with that. Be forgiving of yourself that’s very important,” said Baig, adding that any diet that says you can lose weight without eating less or moving more can’t deliver.

Baig said you should watch out for products being pushed on you. She said go for plans with independent research and avoid getting nutrition information from someone trying to sell you a product because they have incentive to get you to buy in.

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