Did you see Shia LaBeouf? Actor reportedly had breakfast at Greeneville restaurant

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Greeneville, TN (WJHL)  — Did actor and activist Shia LaBeouf recently visit Greeneville,Tennessee?

According to a couple of restaurant employees, whose pictures have made the local rounds on social media, the answer is yes. Shia LaBeouf was in our area.

Aunt Bea's restaurant employees like Laiken Morrow (left) debated whether he was Shia LeBeouf.  When they asked, he said yes.

“He just walked in and sat down,” said Rachel Stapleton, an employee of Aunt Bea’s Restaurant on Tusculum Boulevard.  “I thought – that guy looks like Shia LaBeouf.”

It was between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Sunday, she recalls.

Co-worker Laiken Morrow thought the same thing. “Some people didn’t think so, but I just knew it.”

When they caught a break from serving other customers during the Sunday morning breakfast rush, Morrow and Stapleton said they took to Google. The hairdo, the tattoo — It all matched.

“Eventually, I think he realized people noticed it was him,” Morrow said. “So as he was leaving, I asked him, ‘Are you Shia LaBeouf?'”

Rachel Stapleton (left) said she asked a customer if he was Shia LeBeouf.   He said yes, and he agreed to quick photo Sunday morning.
(Photo submitted by Rachel Stapleton)

“He said ‘Yeah’ so I asked if he minded a quick photo,” she said.

Morrow and Stapleton said he agreed if they hurried.

Both said they asked why he was in Greene County. He said he had friends in the area.

LaBeouf has made headlines in recent weeks with his public protests against President Donald Trump.

“Some people thought he might be in town to go to the meeting at the courthouse,” Stapleton said in reference to the town hall meeting scheduled Monday night in Greeneville by U.S. Congressman Phil Roe.

If he was there, it’s not been confirmed.

LaBeouf made national headlines in late February when he shut down a livestream of a protest against President Donald Trump.  

He posted on Twitter that the decision was made out of concerns about the safety of the public.

“I usually don’t like working Sunday’s because I try to make it to church,” Stapleton said. “But now I’m actually glad I got to be there to meet him.”Copyright 2017 WJHL.  All rights reserved.

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