Deputies rescue disabled man from burning home after caregiver calls 911

CARTER COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Two Carter County deputies are being called heroes after they rushed into a burning home and rescued a disabled man. According to his caregiver,  Michael Shotkosky suffered severe burns as a result of that fire.

News channel 11 obtained the 911 call for help. During that call Jeannie Kellison, Shotkosky’s caregiver urged the operator to send help.From 911 Audio: 

Jeannie Kellison: “I can’t get him out, what am i going to do? He has oxygen tanks all through that house.”

That 911 call was made last Thursday but memory of the fire that burned the inside of the State Line road home in Elizabethton is fresh on Jeannie Kellison’s mind.

Kellison says she knew Shotkosky couldn’t walk and with the fire spreading, she would need help to get him out of the house. She says she was scared the oxygen tanks inside would explode.From 911 Audio:

Operator: “Do you know how big the fire is? j

Jeannie Kellison: “It is on the floor, it is close to him but there are oxygen tanks there.”

“They said just step back, that help was on the way and I was screaming and crying hysterical and I just told them he needed to get out, I couldn’t get him out,” Kellison said to News Channel 11.

Soon after that conversation with the 911 operator, help arrived.

“We ended up wrapping our jackets around our faces so we could go in,” Lt. Micheal Bean said.

When Lieutenant Micheal Bean and deputy Robert Hughes with Carter County Sheriff’s office arrived they pushed through flames to rescue Shotkosky.

“I was able to get him off the ground, and lieutenant bean help me carry him out of the apartment,” Deputy Robert Hughes said.

Both men describe their job as a calling and never hesitated before rushing into the burning home.

“That’s the reason I got into this job is the preservation of life, that’s pretty much what we do and nothing else matters at that point,” Bean said.

Hughes echos Bean’s sentiments.

“Its our duty to do so, I don’t know if there was any time in which I said I was going to go in, for us its just instinctual, saw what needed to be done and did it,” Hughes said.

Kellison says she’s forever grateful.

“God was with both of us that night,” Kellison said.

Deputies say its possible the fire started because of a cigarette that was ignited near oxygen tanks. At last check the victim,  Shotkosky was still being treated for burns at Vanderbilt Medical Center near Nashville.Copyright 2017 WJHL. All rights reserved.

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