Gray residents are once again trying to discover the origin of a mysterious crop circle, which appeared in the exact same spot as a similar formation in 2013.

Nearby residents noticed a field just off Old Gray Station Road had been transformed last week.

Drone video from Scott Foy shows the flattened grass formed three large circles intertwined around a smaller dot, which stretch nearly the length of a football field.

Timothy Blumberg, a nearby neighbor, says there are no noticeable tracks from machine or man nearby, but says there have been plenty of interested, and interesting, on-lookers coming by to check it out.

“All kinds of people have been coming and flying their drones overhead and taking measurements,” says Blumberg, “and like channeling the Chakra, communing with the higher beings, so it’s been interesting to watch unfold.”

Blumberg says he is pretty sure the mysterious message is the work of some creative pranksters, but says he won’t completely rule out anything yet.

“I will allow some room for the unknown,” he says, “but, by and large, it is most likely it is someone, somewhere, just having a good laugh.”

The crop circle is located at the same exact spot off Old Gray Station Road that had a similar formation appear in 2013.

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