SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – The Sullivan County District Attorney’s Office is continuing its investigation into reported abuse and neglect at a Kingsport nursing home.

Since the State of Tennessee suspended new admissions to Brookhaven Manor, District Attorney Barry Staubus has requested and received the state’s full report.

A redacted report we obtained last month identified nine residents who suffered some form of abuse.

“There are certainly allegations in that report of neglect and abuse,” Staubus said. “Now, whether they would rise to a criminal matter, I don’t know.”

The DA says his office’s efforts to investigate the allegations were hurt by the fact it just recently found out about the situation. Staubus says after examining the report, he feels charges are unlikely. However, he says the investigation is ongoing.

We are in the process of investigating why prosecutors weren’t notified of the situation at Brookhaven Manor until after the state suspended admissions. We’ll let you know what we discovered after we’ve heard back from every agency involved.Copyright WJHL 2017. All rights reserved.