JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL) — Three suspects in the armed robbery of a Postal Service worker appeared in court Thursday.

Court documents provided more information about the Johnson City Police Department’s investigation into the robbery.

Documents show the Postal Service worker was followed by a white Buick, which authorities later found belonged to one of the suspects, second-year ETSU student Daylan Taylor.

At a stop, two suspects got out of the car and pulled a gun on the worker, demanding their keys, according to police.

The worker told police they tried to give them their truck keys, but the suspect wanted the master keys, which are used to access locked mailboxes.

When the Buick fled the scene, the worker got a partial tag that authorities traced to the ETSU Buc Ridge Apartments, where Taylor lives.

After searching the apartment, police say they found items connected to the robbery, including the stolen master keys. They were found in a cereal box.

Interim Johnson City Police Chief Billy Church is pleased by how quickly they were able to find the suspects.

“That was just a great investigative part in connection with our partnership with ETSU,” said Church. “Our public works department did great reviewing cameras. Our investigators, I can’t speak highly enough about our investigators and our police officers.”

All three suspects are scheduled to be back in court on March 22.

Church says the Postal Service does intend on pressing federal charges against the suspects.