WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Washington County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) has released video of three suspects involved in a series of vehicle burglaries.

According to the WCSO, several videos of the trio attempting to get into vehicles were sent to the department. Sheriff Keith Sexton said all vehicles that were burglarized were unlocked.

“While we cannot positively identify the thieves, you can clearly see that if the car doors are locked, they move on,” Sheriff Sexton said. “Locking your vehicles at night is the best way to deter thieves.”

Several firearms were left in unlocked vehicles that were burglarized, and the WCSO reminds the public to be responsible gun owners.

The WCSO said overnight patrols will be increasing in the county and members of the public are encouraged to keep an eye out.

“If your home security camera alerts you to activity overnight, please check it and call 911 if you see something suspicious,” Sexton said. “We would like to catch the thieves as they actively work through neighborhoods. If you see something, please call 911 immediately.”

Sexton stresses the importance of locking vehicles, storing firearms and other valuables inside at night, and calling 911 if you see anything suspicious.