SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — After an investigation by the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), the reported stabbing at Sullivan Heights Middle School on Monday has been determined to be falsely reported.

According to a release from the SCSO, Harold Dalton, 53, of Kingsport has been arrested and charged on offenses of false reports for reporting an incident that didn’t occur and providing false statements to investigators, the release states.

Through the investigation, it was determined by officials that no other individuals were involved in the stabbing. Dalton, who is listed as a band teacher on the school’s website, was reportedly interviewed. The investigation revealed that his statements were false and the incident he reported didn’t occur, said the SCSO release.

Photo: Sullivan County Schools/Sullivan Heights Middle School website

“Please understand that the incident that was reported this week at Sullivan Heights Middle left us with little to no information to release. As most of you know, if I felt that anyone was in danger or that there was a risk to the public, I would be the first to release that information,” said Sheriff Jeff Cassidy. “What I will not do is release speculation, hearsay, or other inaccurate information to excite the public when it is not warranted. As always, we will investigate any incident to the best of our ability and report only the facts.”

Over 100 staff members and students were interviewed in the investigation.