GREEN MOUNTAIN, N.C. (WJHL) — North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) officials identified three people who reportedly died at the hands of a family member Monday afternoon.

Police revealed that Herman Myron Woody, 57; Sheila McCurry Woody, 52; and Chelsey Lanay Woody (Miller), 28, had all been shot to death in a Green Mountain home on the 40 block of Johnson Road. They were identified as the suspect’s father, mother and sister, respectively.

According to the Yancey County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to the scene at 4:30 p.m. after receiving a call that shots had been fired inside the residence. As police made their way to the house, dispatchers revealed at least one person had a gunshot wound.

More shots were fired when deputies arrived at the scene, and deputies returned it, shooting and killing 24-year-old triple homicide suspect Travis Caleb Woody. When police entered the home, they found the bodies of Woody’s three family members.

The SBI continues to investigate the officer-involved shooting. Yancey County authorities said no deputies were injured during the incident. No further information has been released at this time.