KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – According to police reports, a Kingsport Jail inmate is now charged with attempted misdemeanor escape after allegedly using a plastic spoon to manipulate the lock on the cell on Sunday.

The reports say that the officers observed 26-year-old Stephen Salas reaching through the bars of the cell and manipulating an object in the lock mechanism.

Salas allegedly refused to show his hand once officers commanded him to, resulting in officers reaching through the bars, grabbing his wrist and finding the broken plastic spoon. The spoon had reportedly been provided to Salas in his meal.

According to the police, Salas was attempting to unlock the cell with the spoon. Officers located broken pieces of the spoon in the lock, removed them and placed the spoon into evidence.

Salas, who was in jail for simple domestic assault, is now charged with attempted misdemeanor escape.