SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn . (WJHL) — News Channel 11 obtained court documents that show 53-year-old Harold Dalton, a Sullivan Heights band teacher at the center of a Monday incident, told authorities a student stabbed him.

An affidavit drafted by responding Sullivan County detective Preston White said Dalton told officers that when he left the band office on Monday, he saw two students in the hallway “acting suspicious.”

“Mr. Dalton said that he approached the students to see what was going on when one student began stabbing him,” the responding officer said. “Mr. Dalton stated that he was unable to identify the students or the direction in which they exited the hallway.”

The band teacher reportedly told police that one of the students had “brownish-colored hair” and donned a red flannel shirt.

Investigators reviewed footage from the middle school and did not find any student that matched Dalton’s description. The surveillance video included all accessible exits from the incident location.

“It was determined through extensive investigation that no other individuals were involved in this incident,” an affidavit reads. “Mr. Dalton was interviewed, and it was clear from our investigation that he gave statements to law enforcement concerning the alleged stabbing knowing that the incident that he reported did not occur and the information he provided was false.”

Dalton faces one charge of false reports. Police report more than 100 staff members and students at the school were interviewed.

Sullivan County Capt. Andy Seabolt said the band teacher bonded out of jail Wednesday night. He appeared in court Thursday for arraignment.

The incident caused school leaders to place a hold at Sullivan Heights Middle School on Monday morning, confining students to their assigned classrooms as police investigated to determine there was no threat.

Initial reports from police stated that Dalton “had small puncture wounds to the stomach area that were consistent with a small hobby knife.” The nature and cause of those injuries remain unclear.

Dalton’s next court appearance is set for March 7, 2023, at 9:30 a.m.