CHURCH HILL, Tenn. (WJHL) — A mother-and-son duo in Hawkins County faces several charges after the sheriff’s office conducted a drug-bust operation last week.

News Channel 11 reported Wednesday that Operation Reminder led to the arrests of six people earlier in July, with one suspect remaining at large.

Thursday, new details surrounding some of the alleged drug dealers’ arrests came to light. Arrest reports identified Connie, 49, and Kursten Hefflin, 26, as mother and son. The two are accused of selling meth from their home on the 200 block of Jones Road.

Deputies arrived at the residence on July 21 at 12:45 p.m. to arrest Kursten Hefflin when Connie Hefflin answered the door. Detectives reported a “strong odor of marijuana” and that they noticed Connie had “an unknown object in her mouth” in an attempt to hide what was later identified as a bag of crystal meth.

During the investigation, Connie reportedly told police that “she has sold meth from her residence in the past” and that she knew her son Kursten had been selling meth and marijuana from the home. Detectives found a bag of crystal meth in a toolbox, which Kursten reportedly claimed to be his. He also admitted to possessing marijuana, the report states.

Police charged Connie with possessing/manufacturing/selling meth and tampering with evidence. Kursten faces a Schedule I possession charge and possession/manufacturing/selling meth.