MIDWOOD, Brooklyn (WPIX) — A man died in New York City after he got stuck between a train and a subway platform and was dragged onto the tracks, police said.

Marcus Bryant, 37, got tangled between the train car and the platform as he stepped off the Q train in Brooklyn late Wednesday night, according to officials. He was then hit by a northbound Q train. Police originally said Bryant’s pants got caught in the car’s doors, but MTA officials later confirmed the doors were already closed when the rider somehow got stuck between the train and platform.

“We do not think this is a door incident. The individual was caught between the train and the platform and later fell into the pit, into the tracks and a second train came over,” NYC Transit President Richard Davey said.

Bryant was taken to the hospital, where he died early Thursday morning.

Officials said there were functioning surveillance cameras on the platform where the deadly incident happened. The train staff has already been tested for drugs and alcohol, as part of standard procedure. It remains unclear whether the conductors on board followed proper protocol.

“Our regular protocol is a conductor should have his or her head out the windows when the doors close and look left and right for approximately 75 feet,” Davey said.

As MTA officials investigate, riders taking the subway reacted to the tragedy on Thursday.

“You see how far [back] I am, because it’s getting dangerous, you don’t know who can push you or what will happen,” a commuter on the subway platform told WPIX.

“I’m always thinking about this, never stay close to the trains,” another said.

Police said no criminality was suspected in the victim’s death. The investigation is ongoing.