WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) – A juvenile is facing a slew of charges, including rape and abduction, after a reported investigation by Washington County, Virginia Sheriff’s Office (WCSO).

A release from the WCSO states that on March 26, an investigation began after a report of a juvenile being sexually assaulted. Investigators looked into the matter and reportedly found that over the course of several months, a minor “had been sexually assaulted, abducted, threatened, and battered by another juvenile.”

Because the victim and suspect are both under the age of 18, the WCSO stated their identities would not be released.

According to the sheriff’s office, the juvenile suspect was arrested within 24 hours of the investigation beginning. In addition to the sex crimes, the juvenile was also found by investigators to have committed several other criminal acts such as the theft of fire hydrants, vandalization of barns and farmland and the theft of road signs. The WCSO stated those acts occurred in the Mendota community and other parts of the county.

The juvenile was charged with the following:

– Felony Rape
– Felony Object Sexual Penetration
– Felony Abduction
– Misdemeanor Assault and Battery
– Misdemeanor for Making Threats OVer an Electronic Device
– 3 counts of Felony Grand Larceny
– Misdemeanor Petit Larceny
– 4 counts of Felony Vandalism
– 3 counts of Misdemeanor Vandalism
– 5 counts of Conspiracy

In total, the juvenile faces 21 criminal charges. The WCSO stated the suspect was transported to the Highlands Juvenile Detention Center and is being held without bond.

As of Friday, the WCSO stated that no further details would be released, and the investigation remains ongoing.