(WEHT) The man accused of kidnapping an Ohio County, Kentucky teenager and a Tennessee boy now faces charges in California following his arrest. 

Jacob Clare was charged in Orange County with two counts of sexual assault. It happens as Amber and Noah Clare are reunited with their families.

Noah Clare was reunited with his family in California after he was taken from them nearly two weeks ago. Amber Clare of Beaver Dam is also back with her family after they, and Jacob Clare were found at Doheny State Park in San Clemente. Sgt. Ryan Anderson of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department says investigators charged Jacob Clare with sexual assault after detectives learned more about what happened.

“They discovered that there was possibly some crimes that have had occurred, which were classified as asexual in nature, and that’s why he was booked on those crimes,” he said.

Sgt. Anderson also says in cases like Clare’s when someone faces charges in more than one state, he’d face the California charges first since he was arrested there, but that will be up to prosecutors on how to handle the case. Jacob Clare is also out on warrants in Tennessee for aggravated kidnapping and custodial interference. Beaver Dam Police say he’s wanted on the nearly similar charges in Ohio County.

Amber Clare is a student at Ohio County High School.

“I was standing in the cafeteria during lunch, when a couple of the students came running up to me, telling me saying ‘Mr. Embry, did you see the news?’ And I said, ‘What news?’ They had it on their phones already. Just a general buzz and excitement and, honestly, a sense of relief around the school,” said Principal Alex Embry, recalling how he learned Amber and Noah were found safely. He also says it will be up to the family on when Amber can return to school, but counseling and other help is available for her. 

“It’s going to be a challenge for her to probably step back and right back into her routine, but we’re going to do anything we can do to make that a smooth transition,” Embry said.

(This story was originally published on November 19, 2021)