BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) — The murder trial for Bristol, Virginia police officer Johnathan Brown is entering its final chapter as the defense rested Wednesday. Brown is accused of murdering Jonathen Kohler in a March 2021 shooting at the Roadway Inn in Bristol, Virginia.

News Channel 11 was in the courtroom as the defense chose not to have Brown take the stand. Brown’s attorneys said while they had originally planned to have him testify, they felt that the jury had sufficient information and any additional testimony would only be “cumulative.”

The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office rested in the trial on Thursday, April 21.

The defense filed a motion Wednesday to strike the case and dismiss all charges against Brown. That was denied shortly after filing. Earlier in the trial, Brown’s attorneys had filed the same motion and received the same denial.

Both sides gave closing arguments Wednesday, and now the jury will deliberate to reach a verdict.

Brown faces charges of murder, the use of a firearm in the commission of murder and malicious shooting into an occupied vehicle. He previously pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Throughout the trial, testimony has been heard from people who were at the Roadway Inn when the fatal shooting occurred, officers on the scene and expert witnesses in fields like toxicology and vehicle customizations.