CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – A woman has been arrested she allegedly attacked two family members with an ax in Carter County Tuesday.

Nevada Fortson was arrested after she allegedly attacked her two with an ax in Carter County on Tuesday

A report from the Carter County Sheriff’s Office states that 911 dispatchers told deputies while they were responding to a call that two men were inside a home and had pinned an attacker down.

When deputies arrived, they entered the home and found two men, who turned out to be related to the alleged attacker, both with injuries.

A report from the CCSO states that Nevada Fortson had entered the home and injured both men during the incident. Police state that one had multiple lacerations to his right arm and the other had swelling and bruising to his right eye.

According to the report, the alleged attack started when a woman in the home, who is also related to Fortson, woke up after she heard glass breaking. Upon investigating the noise, the woman reportedly found Fortson in a spare bedroom wielding an ax. The woman then went back to her bedroom and locked herself in.

The report states one of the men then woke up after hearing a noise in the hallway and went to investigate. He found Fortson holding an ax and threatening him.

Forston struck the first man “approximately three times” before he was able to gain control of the ax.

The second man then came out to help. During this time, the victims say that Fortson struck him in the face.

Investigators later learned that the woman in the home had an active order of protection against Fortson.

The report also states that Forston was driven to the home by two men, both of whom spoke with police and said that Fortson had asked them for a ride.

Fortson is being charged with violation of an order of protection, aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and resisting arrest.