BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — A man authorities say stabbed a 17-year-old acquaintance to death on Nov. 4 in Blountville after an alleged argument appeared in court Friday and will face arraignment on a first-degree murder charge on April 13.

Korey Barnette, 23, is also charged with especially aggravated robbery in the incident that led to Gavin Brown’s death at Brown’s home.

An alleged accomplice, 21-year-old Mason Dubois, is charged with accessory after the fact and with especially aggravated robbery. Dubois is also scheduled for arraignment April 13.

Both men remain incarcerated at the Sullivan County Jail, with Barnette’s bond set at $252,000 and Dubois’ at $75,000.

An affidavit filed by Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department Detective Joseph Page in Nov. states that Barnette, 23, told an investigator he attacked Brown after becoming “upset with him” while Barnette, Dubois and another person who was not charged were at Brown’s home on County Hill Road in Blountville.

Barnette allegedly admitted to punching Brown and knocking him to the floor before kicking, strangling and stabbing him.

Detectives allegedly found the knife used to kill Brown in Barnette’s room when they went to search a house in Bristol where Dubois was also reported to live. They also found a backpack that contained Brown’s insurance card and plastic baggies “that contained what is believed to be marijuana,” the affidavit states.