MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police have made an arrest in the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old girl in Memphis.

Police responded to the shooting around 8 p.m. on Curtis Street.

Takiyah Nelson was inside a home with friends when a gun went off and she was struck in the head. She was taken to LeBonheur in critical condition where she was pronounced dead. Sister station WREG spoke with her cousin Helenor Wade by phone.

“It’s hard for anyone to function. It’s hard for anyone not to cry and be around each other,” Wade said. “We won’t be able to buy Christmas gifts. We won’t be able to get her anything for Christmas and do anything with her anymore because she’s no longer here and it’s not fair.”

These emotions coming days after Takiyah Nelson was found shot to death inside the home. Detectives say the friends were passing around the gun when it fired.

“The Takiyah I know wouldn’t play with a gun. The Takiyah I know is fearful of that stuff, she wouldn’t to be around it. I don’t understand it at this point. Like, It’s so many unanswered questions,” Wade said.

Police have now charged a 13-year-old with reckless homicide.

Initially officers detained one person, but as of Thursday they are not facing any charges. What police are working to determine is where the gun came from. As they sort out that and many other questions, Takiyah’s family continues to call for accountability.

“Parents who allow their kids to have easy access should be held accountable as well for this. Kids are kids at the end of the day, they are curious, and I think parents should be held accountable,” Wade said.

The family is raising money to pay for Takiyah’s funeral.