JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL)- Just one day after a Johnson City man was arrested for having 900+ rounds of ammunition, and loaded weapons in his vehicle, court documents reveal more about the moments leading up to his arrest.

Deputies first spotted Edmisten along Old Jonesborough Highway around 4a.m. Monday.

He was clocked going 55 in a 30 mile per hour zone.

According to a WCSO news release, a deputy initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle stopped around a half a mile later.

The documents describe Edmisten’s demeanor during the traffic stop as unsteady, very angry, and at one point the documents said he wouldn’t make eye contact.

Sheriff Ed Graybeal said that would carry over into his arrest, and when he was questioned by officers.

At one point, the court documents said, “The defendant then became very angry, and stated I know this is about CPS, and I promise you they will get the justice that is coming. I then asked the defendant what he meant by that, he stated all I needed to know is that justice is coming and I could add myself to that list.”

Graybeal told us Monday afternoon that Edmisten also made threats toward officers and staff, at one point even lunging toward investigators.

“He didn’t want to get along with us, and jumped at one of the investigators that went back to question him, so we didn’t take any chances, nobody was hurt, but we got the situation under control,” Graybeal said.

Officers also questioned Edmisten about the firearms, asking him if he made them into fully automatic rifles.

According to court documents Edmisten “stated yes but has not tried them out yet”

When Edmisten was asked why he had so many weapons and rounds in the vehicle, court documents said”…he stated all it takes is one.”

Because of the unregistered firearms they found in Edmisten’s car, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is involved in this investigation.

ATF Public Information Officer, Michael Knight, said they will be sending the weapons off to their laboratory.

“ATF is also going to take the firearms and send them to our laboratory and that will be a determination of the type and the make and model of those particular items that were recovered,” Knight said.

Knight said information on the tracing of the firearms should come back within a couple of days, however as far as the determination of the type of firearm, he said that could take weeks.

“…but in the meantime, ATF, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office are working hand in hand in terms of making sure there is no other threat to the community,” Knight said.

Scott Edmisten is still being held without bond on charges including possession of prohibited weapons.

Edmisten is expected to appear in a Washington County courtroom October 11th.

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