(WJHL) — According to a report from AAA on Monday, June 27, gas prices in Tennessee remain on the decline for the second week in a row.

The decrease in pump prices comes right in time for the increased travel expected over the Independence Day weekend. AAA reported that gas prices throughout the state, on average, fell by 9 cents over the last week.

Despite the decrease, Tennessee’s gas price average remains 24 cents more expensive than one month ago and $1.67 more expensive than one year ago. The average stands at $4.51, but more than half of Tennesseans can get gas below $4.50 a gallon.

The lowest pump prices are $4.25, with the higher end reaching $4.80. Tennessee remains the seventh least expensive gas market in the nation.

In News Channel 11’s Northeast Tennessee area, Johnson County has the highest gas price average at $4.547 a gallon, according to an interactive map available on AAA’s website. The lowest prices are in Greene County at $4.374.

Gas prices are pricier across the state line in Virginia, AAA data show. The state has an average of $4.721, with Buchanan County offering the highest-priced gas in News Channel 11’s Southwest Virginia viewing area at $4.689 a gallon. Southwest Virginia’s cheapest gas can be found in Tazewell County with the average at $4.589 a gallon.

Even the highest average gas prices in the Tri-Cities do not reach the national average of $4.897.

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