(WJHL) — Tennessee reached its fifth week of consecutive declines in pump prices, according to a news release from AAA on Monday.

The state saw an average drop of 18 cents over the last week, marking the biggest weekly decline in 2022. Tennessee’s gas prices stand at $4.10 a gallon — 50 cents less expensive than one month ago and $1.22 more than one year ago.

“Tennesseans are now seeing the cheapest prices at the pump in 10 weeks and it’s likely that prices will move even lower this week, ” said Megan Cooper with AAA in a news release. “While the oil market still remains volatile, significant drops in crude oil prices over the last few weeks alongside a steep decline in domestic gasoline demand are paving the way for cheaper prices at the gas pump.”

Almost half of the gas stations in the state offer gas prices below $4, with the lowest at $3.74 and the highest reaching $4.52. Tennessee is the seventh least expensive market in the nation.

In Northeast Tennessee, Washington County has the most expensive gas on average at $4.14 a gallon. Johnson County offers the cheapest gas prices at $3.973 a gallon.

Over the state line in Southwest Virginia, Buchanan County has the steepest prices at $4.43 a gallon. Scott County boasts the cheapest prices at $3.997.