Editor’s Note: News Channel 11 interviewed Republican candidates for the First Congressional District to provide a level playing field for all who wanted to participate. A total of 13 candidates sat down with Digital Reporter Jeff Keeling and each answered the same 10 questions in the same order. The questions were not provided in advance. The resulting videos offer our viewers a chance to learn more about each candidate.

David Hawk
  • Occupation: Former small business owner, state representative
  • Home: Greeneville
  • Political office previously held: State Representative, 2002-present

The questions:

The economy is always listed as the most important subject for many voters. If you were in Congress what would you do to try to improve the economy, and what could you do as a congressional representative to insure that people in the First District have access to plentiful, good paying jobs?

What is the best way legislatively to prevent gun violence — specifically school shootings and mass shootings?

What is your plan for fixing America’s immigration problem?

What, if anything, do you think President Trump could have done better in his handling of COVID-19?

How important is it to not increase the national debt and to balance the annual budget?

Do you believe climate change is real, and if so, what do you think is the best approach to combat it?

If elected to Congress, what would you to do to address the racial tension evident in recent protests and how would you try to improve race relations in the Tri-Cities?

Do you support a regional economic development effort that could involve merging economic development organizations and Chambers of Commerce in the Tri-Cities, and if so what role should a Congressperson take?

Is there any approach President Trump has taken to his job that you would have done differently? If so please describe it?

This is the moment for you to speak to voters. What makes you the best person to represent them?