Carter County awarded $100,000 state grant to encourage business and tourism growth

CARTER COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Carter County’s mayor is working to increase economic growth with the help of a $100,000

grant to promote tourism and attract corporate businesses.

Mayor Leon Humphrey says 100 % of this project was paid for by the state. The first piece of the project, a video and website are inviting people all over the world to come see what carter county has to offer.

Delbert Gardner has lived in carter county all of his life, “The only time I left here was when I was in the service.”

He says now is the time to grab the attention of big businesses and bring them to carter county, “We could use more people here, for the businesses and stuff and bring more money in to help people.”

This initiative is not just about attracting businesses to carter county its also about stimulating tourism and encouraging people to appreciate the beauty that carter county has to offer.

“The more people that come, the longer they stay, the more tax revenue comes into our county and we can reverse these trends that have evolved over time,” Carter County Mayor Leon Humphrey said.

Carter county mayor Leon Humphrey says since the 2010 Census the county has lost about a thousand people.

With a $100,000 grant to launch a tourism campaign complete with a new website and promotional video, the mayor is hoping to change that number and encourage people and businesses to put down roots in Carter County.

“If we don’t do something reverse these negative trends its not going to be pretty 20-25 years from today,” Humphrey said.

Carl and Earlne Jackson are visiting Elizabethton from Alabama. They don’t believe county leaders will have much trouble getting tourist to the area.

“Look like it has everything a person would want, restaurants and you cant beat the scenery,” Carl Jackson said.

Its that scenery, that kept Delbert Gardner around these parts for most of his life. He like the mayor of Carter County want to see others come and help further the growth of carter county.

The mayor says they are waiting to hear about other grants the county recently applied for totaling about half a $500,000.

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