GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL)- The Greeneville Energy Authority has partnered with Ervin Cable Construction to install high-speed fiber optic internet throughout all of Greeneville.

The project has been split into two phases. the first phase consists of installing on the northern side of Greeneville and the second phase will be installed on the southern side of town.

“We have the whole city limits of Greenville that we’re working on so the northern area of that region will be available late October,” said Greeneville Energy Authority President and CEO Chuck Bowlin. “We’ll have everything done within the city limits by the end of the year.”

Bowlin told News Channel 11 that the broadband will provide residents with more reliable internet.

“It’s shown to be very effective in other communities but it’s going to help them step up their game,” said Bowlin. “Whether they get it from us or somebody else, it’s going to improve the lives of our citizens.”

The town is currently beginning phase two, the southern part of Greeneville.

“We’re offering fiber optic connection all the way to the house so what that gives you is capabilities to have both symmetrical download and upload speeds,” said Phil Bradley, director of broadband and technology at the Greeneville Energy Authority.

Bradley said the broadband package starts at $65 a month and customers can choose what plans they want, like adding cell service. The Greeneville Energy Authority will post more about plans and pricing on their website when the project is getting closer to the end.

“A lot of wireless devices from smart TVs to gaming console tools, laptops, so we know how important that connection is and that’s why we decided to include our residential gateway in our package at no additional cost,” said Bradley

To learn more about broadband you can visit the GEA website.