BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – Community members gathered once again to protest the stench coming from the Bristol, Virginia landfill on Saturday.

Members from the community set up outside the Bristol Chamber of Commerce with signs in hand, hoping to encourage local officials to fix the problem faster.

Just recently, city officials brought in a “landfill expert” to evaluate the facility. Officials believe that this is one step closer to solving the problem. However, residents feel the city should take an alternative route in solving the smell.

“What we need and what we’ve been asking for for a long time is to get this landfill closed and to stop the intake and get a good cap on it and get these fugitive emissions under control instead of letting them spew nonstop into our neighborhoods,” said rally participant Joel Kellogg.

Now at the state level, Senator Todd Pillion and Deputy Majority Leader Delegate Israel O’Quinn have developed a plan to address the issue.

Air purifiers have also been given to residents of Bristol, Tenn. in an effort to combat the odor.