BTCS vote: New middle school will be named ‘Bristol Tennessee Middle School’


UPDATE 6:30 P.M. BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) – In a meeting Monday night, officials with the Bristol, Tennessee Board of Education decided the name of the new middle school will be ‘Bristol Tennessee Middle School.’

The new school is set to open in the Fall of 2021.


BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL)- Bristol Tennessee City Schools officials are set to vote on a new name for the new middle school being built at 815 Edgemont Avenue.

The $32 million project is expected to be completed in time for the 2021-2022 school year.

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Construction workers are moving towards the finishing phase of the gym facility which will open this fall. The new school will allow students to have a more collaborative and flexible learning environment.

“We are most excited about all of our populations that have worked so hard, seeing them come into this building and this new learning environment and see their actual work come to life. We are very excited about providing a state of the art space for our students to learn that will prepare them for their future,” Vance Middle School principal, Dr. Amy Scott told Pheben Kassahun.

Bristol Tennessee’s new middle school is scheduled to open fall 2021 but until then, students will continue learning at Vance Middle School.

“We’ll move into the gym this fall. The following fall, we will move into the academic campus- the full building,” Dr. Scott said.

The gym, which is undergoing a renovation, will double in capacity not only for classes and clubs –but also for public use.

Dr. Scott said, “Basically for us, when it comes to a gym learning facility is flexibility in our schedule. This facility runs sun up to sun down just to get all of our teams in to practice or to have a game. WHat everyone has seen in this gym before is one court in the middle and now we’ll be able to have two regulation courts side-by-side.”

It is a new school for a new generation with a new school name

“We’ve been talking about naming rights for the middle school ever since its inception. We would have liked that donor to come forth with a contribution to help name the school. That did not materialize,” Bristol Tennessee City Schools chair, Nelson Pyle said. “We’re starting an new school so it’s a new program, new traditions, a new attitude and that’s what we really are after. By changing the name why don’t we give everybody a new start.”

Vance Middle School currently serves 7th and 8th grade students with about 600 students. The new middle school will add 6th grade students and have more than 900 students.

“We’ve really been careful to use our common spaces to use to move students place to place so that they can also be learning spaces. You’ll see a common library and media space that can be doubled as part of the cafeteria, and the cafeteria can also be doubled as a large group learning space, with out library media center,” Dr. Scott said, “Our little theatre will have the ability to be used as our public users, also our outside spaces- we hope to have a multipurpose activity area. All of those things will be able to be used by our community.”

The new name for the middle school will be voted on Monday night at 6 o’clock at during the Bristol Tennessee City Schools school board meeting.

More information about the new middle school can be found here.

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